Ed White responds to attacks on Bob Stein and Tom Ward

Dear Alumni: 

Ed White, one of the original six plaintiffs that filed suit against the NFL for the unauthorized use of their images, asked me to post his response to the attacks on Bob Stein and Jim Ward for opposing the settlement and asking for legal fees in connection with the 4 years of work they put into the case.  You can see my  comments at the bottom of this page.

Here is Ed White’s message: 

I am so disgusted with attorneys the likes of Hausfield and Zimmerman.  They see an opportunity to milk the retired players by cutting a back room deal that only benefits them and the NFL, it reeks of collusion…Not only do they want to encourage the retired players to settle, but these guys write this bogus newsletter from a make-believe retired players’ association.  Now they want to control us for the rest of our lives.  Who do these people think they are?  We cannot stand for this…the wool is so thin you can see through it.

As for the shots at Bob Stein and Tom Ward..who have been working for all of us. 

I have known Bob since 1969…he is one of the most honorable, straight forward, and loyal friends a man could have.  A dear friend and ex-teammate, John Henry Ward, told me the week he passed that a man only needs a good dog, a good woman and one good friend…Bob Stein would be that one good friend you would want! 

Bob and Tom have worked their fannies off for four years.  They have never wanted to settle for an easy paycheck. 

We the plaintiffs in this case have NEVER had discussions about money…I want no more than ANY of my other NFL brothers get.  Knowing the other plaintiffs like I do, my guess is they feel the same… 


Ed White


Here are my comments:

The “Voice” Newsletter from Hausfeld asked the question “If Bob Stein andTom Ward Think the Settlement is a Bad Deal, Then Why Are They Taking Credit for it and Seeking Over $4 Million in Fees?

Here’s the answer:

Of course they applied for legal fees, AND have always opposed the settlement terms, as they do now. Bob Stein conceived and began the lawsuit and has been at it every step of the way, mostly as co-Interim Lead Counsel. His hours were billed at about 50% of Michael Hausfeld’s rate. Bob Stein has more effort and hours (over 3,200) in the case than any other attorney. That is all public information.

The attorneys trying to ram through this pathetic excuse for a settlement put a clause in it stating that “only attorneys who sign the Settlement Agreement can apply for legal fees from the Court”.  

Bob Stein, Tom Ward and Mike Ciresi’s law firms still refused to sign the Settlement, along with all 6 Original Plaintiffs, but saw no reason not to apply to be paid for the work they have done benefiting the class, even though they oppose the proposed Settlement. They still oppose it, whether they are paid or not. That is up to the judge.  They oppose the settlement because they don’t think it is fair, even though that means they are working against their own chance to receive a large fee.

If this unfair Settlement is finalized, it would be even more unfair to only pay the attorneys who have tried to push it through and shaft us all. By the way, any fees they receive would come out of the same attorney fee pool, so total legal fees to the class would not increase….but they would largely come out of Hausfeld’s and Zimmerman’s share. 


About Jeff Nixon

Jeff was a first team consensus All-American from the University of Richmond in 1978. He is 7th in NCAA history with 23 career interceptions. Played for the Buffalo Bills 1979-1984. Led the team with 6 interceptions in Rookie Year. Holds Bills record for 4 takeaways in a single game - 3 interceptions and a fumble recovery. Tied Bills record with four consecutive games with an interception. After 5 knee surgeries Jeff retired from pro football in 1985. He worked for 13 years (1988-2000) as the Youth Bureau Director for Buffalo and Erie County. He has worked for the past 11 years as the Youth Employment Director for Buffalo. Plays guitar and was voted best R&B guitar player by Buffalo Nightlife Magazine in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

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  1. It’s a sad state if affairs when you can’t trust your attorneys to do right by you. This settlement doesn’t accomplish anything and certainly does nothing for the rank and file players. It stinks and maybe the attorneys should agree to a deal like the one they’ve concocted for us. To receive legal fees if the committee decides they deserve it. Also they should give up their rights to receive any fees like this settlement has us giving up our rights for any compensation. It stinks!

  2. I have opt-ed out and sent in my registered letters in and has received my receipts back and have had no further response.

  3. Regarding the proposed settelment ..I disagree with it
    I feel I had a pretty good career. 11seasons..2 Super Bowl Championships &10 playoff games. I see no advantage in this proposal. I will not enjoy any benefits from the marketing or greater good fund..let’s stick together & get what’s right. Equal lion share of NFL films & NFL.

  4. Wow, that is a powerful message from Ed. For some reason, his what a man needs in life”,A good dog, a good woman and a good friend,” jarred my emotions to a point to want to be more involved. If you read his entire comment it has got to move all retired NFL players.

  5. Obviously the “fix is in” but that does not mean that we have to approve it or go along with it. I have opted out and joined Bob Stein and “The Original Six” because I, for one, am not willing to “snatch the rug out from under these good men who INITIATED this action for us all. The group that is trying to hijack their effort, good work and intent should be ashamed of themselves.

    If you do a breakdown of the money that it being offered it comes out to each owner having agreed to put up less than 20 cents per week over an eight year period for each retired player. Do the breakdown yourself if you don’t believe me. But don’t sit around waiting to receive your check for $00.03 per day because the language and arrangement in the Settlement makes even that something that just isn’t going to happen.

    Support the new Retired NFL Players Congress, vote in the upcoming elections after the first of the year and lets start speaking collectively for ourselves through a Legal Entity that WE OWN OURSELVES as an already legally registered Corporation, and for God’s sake lets vet these predatory lawyers before we agree to work with them.

    Thank you Jeff for keeping us updated and informed and the same to Dave Pear.

  6. Well said Eddie and I couldn’t agree with you more about Bob Stein and Tom Ward. Thank you all who have supported us throughout this ordeal. This whole process with the Hausfeld group is a disgusting abuse of the courts. But we still must reach out to our brothers to vote and be heard. If we don’t respond, then this will be regarded as a YES in favor of this settlement. Thank you Jeff Nixon and Dave Pear for your getting the word out and keeping all informed.

    Dan Pastorini
    NFL 71-84

  7. Such a sad state of affairs, we as retired players have been wronged for so long by so many and NOW even those who claim to represent us..I had the pleasure of playing with Ed for years and the one thing that I know is that he never said very much but when he did, no one questioned his Character, what he speaks now is nothing shorter than the truth!!!!

    We must at this point dig in and take a stand and don’t accept anything less that our self worth for all the combined years of service we have given to help make the NFL what it is today…I will never forget the day I heard someone say that Gene Upshaw said he didn’t represent the retired players only the current ones…wow, funny thing is that every time my phone rang and he wanted to me to ask the “Then” current players to “strike” I don’t think he realized he was talking to a future retired player …I think the time has come that when the Attorneys that represent us are on a conference call, in a negotiation meeting that we have a presence, otherwise as we all know by the time the story gets to us there will be additions and subtractions to the story….

    Wes Chandler

  8. Ed it make me feel good to read your thoughts. It’s a shame but, lets face it this world is a hellacious place and the devils disciples are all over the place. In Hausfeld and Zimmerman are just a couple.

  9. Well said Ed. The best statements always come from offensive lineman. Conrad Dobler

  10. The former players have needed legal representations years ago. We are playing catch up and are only scratching the surface. As it stands right now we as former players are only trying to recover a very small percentage of what the owners and the NFL have reaped and enjoyed huge benefits off of our backs for many years.

  11. I agree with Ed White and the original six!! The Nfl has succeeded on the sweet of our brows!! God bless all of the former players! Carl Mauck 1969-1981 Nfl player

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